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How to make your Midas MR18 / Behringer XR18 workflow significantly faster!

How to make your Midas MR18 / Behringer XR18 workflow significantly faster!
Midas MR18
Midas MR18


Behringer XR18
Behringer XR18


Behringer X-Touch
Behringer X-Touch


Using a tablet as your main tool for controlling the MR18/XR18 digital mixer is perfectly fine on most cases but what if I told you that you could take your system to a whole new level?
Easiest way would be adding Behringer X Touch to your mixer network.

Due to the fact the there are plenty of instructions on the web I will keep it short.

In order to establish a direct connection between Midas MR18 / Behringer XR18 and the X Touch make sure that the mixer is running on firmware 1.12 or higer and the X Touch on 1.15. Short description on how to upgrade the X Touch can be found here

Following is a copy from the X Touch firmware text file

Hold down the CH01 Select button for more than 2 seconds while switching the X-TOUCH power on
b The CH01 display will show one of the operating modes as described in the “Operating Modes” table above
c Use the CH01 rotary encoder to select the mode “Xctl”
d Then use the CH02 encoder to choose the interface “Ifc” between
MIDI and Network. Select “Network”
5 a Use the CH03 encoder to specify the network mode “DHCP”
X-TOUCH can register on a network in two diff erent modes:
> DHCP = ON (default), automatically detects/assigns an IP address
> DHCP = OFF, requires manual setup of “my IP” address
(only choose OFF, if you have a preferred valid IP for X-TOUCH in your network)
c Use the CH03 encoder to specify an IP address of the preferred mixer you wish to control, select “Slv IP”
d Enter/modify the slave IP by turning the CH04...CH07 encoders
6 a The LCD display contrast can be adjusted using the CH08 encoder
7 a When the above settings are correct, press the CH01 Select button
b The CH01 Select LED will turn off and the channel LCD displays will turn black for some time
Then the CH01-Ch03 displays will indicate:
> the X-TOUCH IP address on the fi rst line, and
> the Mixer IP address on the second line
d If the second line does not show a valid Mixer IP address, you may press the CH08 rotary encoder to
“Scan” for another mixer
e Wait for a little while, until the channel LCDs and fader positions are updated with the actual mixer settings
8 a Now, your X-TOUCH control surface is connected with the mixer
b You may use all the controls as described in the XCTL Mode overview shown later in this document
c The next time X-TOUCH is started, it will automatically attempt to connect to the mixer with the specifi ed
Slv IP address again. If it does not connect automatically, go back to step 7d

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