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How to upgrade Behringer X-Touch firmware

How to upgrade Behringer X-Touch firmware
Midas MR18
Midas MR18


Behringer X-Touch
Behringer X-Touch


If you are using the X-Touch as your regular DAW controller via MC (Mackie Control Emulation) or HUI (Mackie HUI Emulation) protocol you have probably never thought about upgrading the firmware but what if you would like to take a step further and enjoy all the benefits of this fantastic controller on a live environment? For example as a remote controller for the popular Midas MR12, MR18 or the X AIR XR12 and XR18?

In order to establish a direct connection between X-Touch and the mixer via Ethernet port, the Xctl protocol must be selected from the X-Touch menu. You can do that by pressing and holding down the CH1 SELECT button on power-up. If your controller is running on an older FW, just like in our case, you won't find the Xctl on the list. The Xctl, Xctl+MC and Xctl+HUI options became available with the introduction of the version 1.15. It is worth mentioning that the MR or XR mixer should be running on the FW version 1.12 or higher. If you would like to know how to upgrade your mixer please read this

It is advised to take your time and read all the instructions (firmware release notes etc) prior the update. Always make sure you have the powercable firmly attached to the device. Never unplug or turn off the device while the update is in progress!

Keeping the DISPLAY button pressed during power-on shows that our unit is on firmware 1.14

Behringer X-Touch firmware page
X-Touch on firmware 1.14


Start by downloading and unpacking the new firmware file from the behringer website. Windows users can use SendSX for sending the update file to the controller.

Steps to update the firmware

Keep DISPLAY button pressed during power-on

Connect X-TOUCH to computer via USB

Use any MIDI SysEx dumper to send the update file (.syx), don't send faster than standard MIDI rate.
   > SendSX or MIDI-OX on Windows recommended
   > snoize SysEx Librarian on OSX recommended

Cycle power after the dump has been sent

Confirm the firmware version by holding down the DISPLAY button during power on and you are ready to proceed with the connection process of your preferred mixer.

Updated Behringer X-Touch firmware
FW 1.15




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