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Midas DP48 firmware upgrade

Midas DP48 firmware upgrade
Midas DP48
Midas DP48


Following is a copy of the document included in firmware 1.2 update file.

DP48 firmware 1.0
Version 1.0


Remote configuration of DP48 Groups and channel assignments, including Level and Pan settings,
directly from Midas M32* series mixing console GUI
Automatic adjustable ducking of ambience microphones during the performance, depending on
signals coming in over AES50
12 new external preset storage slots on SD card
Stand-alone mode can now be used with AES50 stage-boxes such as DL32 or DL16
M32* console time is now received over AES50. This allows timestamped SD recording files
Mix A/B Limiter activity is now displayed on the meter overview screen
My Group controls the playback level, while a track is selected for playback on the SD Recorder
Upstream of local AUX-Input and built in Microphones to AES50-Stream for sharing click or
backing tracks and communication to the Engineer
Close boot screen by pressing MIX A or MIX B

Update Procedure
• Download the update file from midasconsoles.com and extract the archive
• Copy the dp48m_xx.upd file onto an SD card, into the following path: root\DP48M\dp48m_xx.upd
• Make sure the DP48 is turned off
• Insert the SD card into the SD card slot on the rear panel
• Hold the SETUP button while turning the DP48 on
• Wait until the update procedure is completed and the DP48 has booted again
• Do not turn off the device and do not remove the SD card before the update has finished
• The device will boot automatically and briefly indicate the new firmware version

V4 broadcast function
Midas V4 broadcast page



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